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25 AI Action Prompts for School Leaders



Picture generative AI as your ultra-nerdy, digital sidekick, equipped with a "brain" fueled by algorithms and data crunching. It can wield cutting-edge AI to generate anything from lesson plan templates to staff meeting agendas. Got a question? Need a strategy?AI has more plans than a chess grandmaster. Check out these action prompts to bring some AI magic to your school leadership journey! 


  • Write an Email: "Draft an email to parents to inform them about the introduction of a new online learning platform."
  • Build a Welcome Letter Template: "Create a welcome letter template for new students that outlines the school’s educational philosophy and resources."
  • Suggest Ways: "Suggest ways to foster better communication between teachers and parents."
  • Design an FAQ Page: "Compile a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for a school website."
  • Develop a Social Media Strategy: "Draft a social media posting schedule to boost the school’s online presence."


  • Create a Quarterly Action Plan: "Outline a quarterly action plan to improve reading proficiency measures."
  • Prepare a Staff Meeting Agenda: "Create an agenda for an upcoming staff meeting that focuses on implementing new educational technology."
  • Formulate a Budget: "Outline a yearly budget considering educational materials, teacher salaries, and maintenance costs."
  • Plan a Community Outreach Event: "Outline a plan for a community outreach event that involves students, parents, and local businesses."
  • Establish an Alumni Network: "Outline steps to create and maintain an alumni network to foster community and potential mentorship opportunities."

Instructional Tools

  • Create a Template: "Generate a template for a teacher's lesson plan focusing on reading skills."
  • Create a Daily Checklist: "Generate a daily checklist for teachers to monitor student participation and engagement."
  • Assemble a Resource List: "Compile a list of educational resources, both online and offline, that teachers can use for lesson planning."
  • Write Open-Ended Questions: "I’m on my way to a grade level PLC. I want to provide a list of open-ended questions that teachers can use to assess student comprehension. Sort them by depth of knowledge"
  • Generate an Outline: "Generate an outline for a professional development workshop focused on best practices in online learning."


  • Create a Survey: "Design a survey to gauge student and parent satisfaction with the school’s educational methods."
  • Create a Teacher Evaluation Form: "Generate a form for evaluating teacher performance, including metrics for student engagement and instructional effectiveness."
  • Design a Progress Report Template: "Create a template for student progress reports that parents can easily understand."


  • Make a List of Quotes: "Compile a list of inspirational educational quotes suitable for a school bulletin board."
  • Design a Monthly Calendar: "Design a monthly academic calendar that includes key dates, like exams and parent-teacher conferences."
  • Draft a Funding Proposal: "Draft a proposal for securing additional educational grants or funding."
  • Build a Crisis Management Plan: "Outline a crisis management plan for handling emergency situations, like natural disasters or cyber attacks."
  • Craft a Mission Statement: "Help me write a school mission statement that emphasizes the importance of meaningful education and foundational skills."
  • Develop a Code of Conduct: "Write a student code of conduct that promotes a safe and respectful learning environment."
  • Create a Parent-Teacher Conference Guide: "Design a guide for conducting effective parent-teacher-student conferences, including suggested topics and questions."

We tried one out for you!

Write Open-Ended Questions: "I'm on my way to a grade level PLC. I want to provide a list of open-ended questions that teachers can use to assess student comprehension.  Sort them by depth of knowledge.

DOK Level 1: Recall and Reproduction

  • What is the main idea of the text?
  • Can you identify the setting of the story?
  • Who are the characters in the passage?
  • What happened in the beginning, middle, and end?

DOK Level 2: Skills and Concepts

  • Can you explain the cause-and-effect relationship in this passage?
  • How would you summarize the passage in your own words?
  • How are these two characters similar or different?
  • What is the author's purpose for writing this?

DOK Level 3: Strategic Thinking

  • How does the setting affect the events in the story?
  • What inferences can you make based on the text?
  • What evidence supports the main idea?
  • Can you predict what might happen next? Why?

DOK Level 4: Extended Thinking

  • How would the story change if it were set in a different time or place?
  • What themes are present, and how do they relate to the real world?
  • How does this text connect to other texts you've read?
  • Can you create an alternative ending for the story?

As we've explored, the possibilities of incorporating AI into school leadership are both exciting and extensive. Whether it's drafting emails, formulating budgets, or generating instructional materials, these 25 action prompts serve as your blueprint for innovation and efficiency. With AI as your digital sidekick, you're not just embracing the future—you're shaping it. So why wait? Dive in and transform your educational journey today!

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