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PRESS RELEASE: BookNook Unveils New K–5 Solution For Florida Schools

The all-new solution for Florida schools pairs BookNook’s high-impact tutoring with Florida’s B.E.S.T. Literacy Standards



San Francisco (MARCH 01, 2023) – BookNook, a leader in effective high-impact tutoring solutions, announces the launch of a new K–5 solution for schools across Florida.

According to EdResearch, tutoring is most effective for students when delivered in higher doses. BookNook’s new solution is offering Florida students high-volume, high-quality tutoring sessions. The all-new solution also aligns with Florida’s B.E.S.T. Literacy Standards, helping educators across the state meet and exceed literacy benchmarks for K-5 students.

BookNook lessons align with the science of reading – a body of evidence about how proficient reading develops – and include instruction and activities focused on phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. All lesson language requirements, comprehensive questions, phonics activities, and stopping points to ask questions align with Florida B.E.S.T. standards to ensure compliant coursework. In addition, lessons include written and audio instructions, questions, and vocabulary in both English and Spanish.

The technology uses reading data from partnering school districts to place students into appropriate lessons and learning groups. BookNook tutors work remotely with students to support progress and ensure all students have equitable access to new learning opportunities.

“We’ve seen great progress in reading growth through implementing BookNook at a national level,” said Wendy Mathieu, SVP of Product at BookNook. “A clear link between BookNook student participation and reading growth has been shown from our data collected on partnering districts. We’re confident that through prioritizing reading, we’ll set students up for success.”

BookNook works with schools and districts nationwide to provide high-impact tutoring and engaging learning materials to close the learning equity gap in U.S. public schools. As a result, students engage with the same tutors, building authentic connections that further support their growth and development in the program.

“This new program will enable us to support thousands more students with rigorous, standards-aligned content,” said Laura Fischer, Chief Operating Officer of BookNook. “We look forward to partnering with educators across Florida to set every student up for success in reading.”

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BookNook is a comprehensive reading intervention program providing instruction through a synchronous teaching and learning platform, standards-aligned curriculum and tutoring services. A 2022 research study with the Consortium for Policy Research in Education suggests a clear link between high-impact tutoring with BookNook and improved reading scores. BookNook is committed to bridging the opportunity gap by scaling technology innovation to reach disenfranchised communities through its network of experienced and vetted tutors. For more information, visit