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Charting New Success: BookNook's Journey with Rocketship Schools

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The Power of Proof

In edtech, evidence-based results are the gold standard. BookNook's recent collaboration with Rocketship Public Charter Schools provides just such evidence, showcasing how online tutoring can make a real difference in student reading skills.


The story of Rocketship Public Schools is truly a heartwarming tale

The story of Rocketship Public Schools is truly a heartwarming tale of commitment to its students and families—so much so that they made it a story!


Rocketship's districtwide vision is to "Eliminate the achievement gap in our lifetime." At BookNook, we take this vision to heart.

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Study Overview

A 10-week efficacy study was conducted by the Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE), and a validation study was conducted by LearnPlatform by Instructure. The study, funded by Rise Together Ventures, collected data from Rocketship Public Schools and was measured against ESSA Level I evidence criteria. 

This study places BookNook at Tier 1 for ESSA's Tiers of Evidence—illustrating strong evidence of efficacy. The pinnacle of the evidence tiers, Tier 1, is reserved for interventions supported by one or more well-designed and well-implemented randomized control trials (RCTs). This means the intervention has been rigorously tested and demonstrated a statistically significant effect on improving student outcomes. Interventions that reach this tier provide the strongest assurance of effectiveness.

Kasey Reiter, Managing Partner at Rise Together Ventures,  said that she is "ecstatic about this partnership as it demonstrates how BookNook can leverage their unique expertise in science-based literacy instruction to drive data-driven research initiatives that will further educate our teachers, schools, and practitioners about the most effective ways to teach students how to read." 

Quick Highlights

The recent cluster randomized controlled trial rigorously evaluated BookNook's effectiveness in first through fourth-grade classrooms. The study involved 1,777 Rocketship students, with a portion using BookNook for reading instruction, while a control group maintained traditional methods. The results were significant and demonstrated BookNook's impact on student success. Some notable highlights include the following: 

  1. Usage and Effectiveness: The impact of BookNook on reading gains becomes more pronounced with increased usage. Notably, students who completed the recommended 20 or more sessions with BookNook exhibited a remarkable developmental advantage of 0.26 standard deviations (SDs). This significant improvement underscores the effectiveness of consistent tutoring. While students completing at least ten sessions also saw benefits, with an advantage of 0.08 SDs, the sustained, higher engagement yields the most substantial gains in reading growth.
  2. Implementation Fidelity: 20.4% of the students met the lower-bound BookNook engagement threshold, calculated as two completed sessions per week. Despite this, significant reading gains were observed, suggesting the potential for an even more substantial impact with higher implementation fidelity.
  3. Demographic Factors: The study found no significant associations between BookNook usage rates and student race/ethnicity, sex, or IEP and ELL status, indicating that the platform's benefits were broadly applicable across diverse student groups.
  4. Rapid Efficiency: The presence of significant effects within a relatively short implementation period (10 weeks) was particularly encouraging, suggesting that the BookNook platform might be especially effective in rapidly improving reading skills.


BookNook's Impactful Partnership with Rocketship Schools

Practical Outcomes

The primary takeaway is that BookNook use is associated with improved reading skills. The study found that students using the platform saw a statistically significant improvement, and those who adhered to the recommended number of sessions saw even more substantial gains. Specifically, students completing 20 or more sessions exhibited notable improvement in reading skills, highlighting the benefits of consistent tutoring.

From Data to Development

The study also shed light on the importance of consistent use. Only a fifth of students reached the lower engagement threshold, indicating that while the platform has potential, actualizing that potential should include regular use. This finding suggests that schools should implement strategies to encourage consistent student participation and educator support to realize full impact potential.

The real-world implications of these findings are clear: BookNook can be a powerful tool for improving reading skills when used as recommended. The study suggests that high-dosage tutoring can lead to tangible, measurable progress in reading proficiency.

Challenges and Implications for Broader Goals

The study also acknowledged the challenges of varying engagement levels, which allows schools and platforms like BookNook to find creative ways to increase consistent use. It's an invitation to innovate further, ensuring that the implementation of online learning platforms becomes as impactful as possible.

While the study was confined to Rocketship schools, its implications are far-reaching. It demonstrates the potential for online platforms to support reading growth across diverse educational settings. It also emphasizes the necessity of structured tutoring approaches to realize significant learning advancements.

"We're so excited to have the efficacy study results confirmed and validated by CPRE and Learn Platform. These results demonstrate the power of our solution to increase reading skills and help close the literacy gap."
Brad Baumgartner

BookNook CEO

Final Thoughts

The collaboration between BookNook and Rocketship schools is more than just a successful case study—it's a blueprint for how high-impact tutoring done right can effectively support student learning. The study illuminates how, with minimal time investment, the BookNook platform can facilitate sizable improvements in reading proficiency, underscoring its efficiency in driving tangible educational outcomes.

BookNook's story is one of practical, measurable progress in reading proficiency through the strategic use of technology in education. As the platform evolves and more schools come on board, the growth potential is substantial, offering a clear pathway forward for implementing technology in reading instruction.

We want to thank our partners, Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE), LearnPlatform by Instructure, and  Rise Together Ventures, for their positive support and collaboration during the research process, and we send our heartfelt thanks to Rocketship Public Schools for entrusting BookNook to deliver a pathway to student success in reading. 

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